About us

Headquartered in Florida, Sunwise Swimwear was originally founded in 1999. The idea of swimwear with a sunscreen barrier and other UV wear was growing due to the increasing awareness of the dangers of skin cancer from sun exposure.

The company sold hundreds of thousands of sun protective UV swimwear sunsuits to parents of children who were concerned about sun protection.

Now, we design and create fabulous designer swimwear for the masses. Whether it’s swimsuit models that are wearing our clothing on the runway or you at the beach, it’s always a win in our books.

Our mission is to bring you the most fashionable swimwear at a price that is affordable by everyone so we can all enjoy the outdoors!


Electronic products and accessories are manufactured and warranted by the respective companies. Sunwise Swimwear is not affiliated with and cannot be held responsible for their operation, use or maintenance.


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